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  We make your wedding day a memory you can relieve time and again!
True Cinematic motions will capture your emotions for one of the most important occasion of you life.

- Golden Camera TV-Film Production Inc. is a premiere Video Production Studio based in Toronto, Canada. Specialized in High Quality Video, the studio is using the latest technology for High Definition Video and DVD Production, as well as Broadcasting High Definition Cameras and Editing Systems.


- Gold is one of the seven metals of alchemy. For the alchemist, it represented the perfection of all matter on any level, including that of the mind, spirit, and soul.
Golden Camera TV-Film Production Inc. it is driven by perfection at any level; perfection in achieving your dreams, for the most important day of your life, the wedding day, or creating the best TV commercial for your company and your products.

- You name your dream project and we will make it happened: Wedding Video, Wedding Photography, DVD Authoring, Video Advertising or Commercials, Corporate Video, Documentaries, Video Editing, or Special Events

Golden Camera TV-Film Production Inc. is proud of all the past achievement and extensive experience in the Film and Video production. To name just a few of these achievements we will briefly describe here the Professional Experience and Expertise of the owner of the company.
With a degree in Art of Cinematography, TV and Video Production, Julian Popa has held important positions in the Broadcasting industry in Canada and abroad:


  • RTL 2 – TV station -Director of Photography for PUNKT 12
  • PRO 7 – TV Station - Director of Photography for SAM
  • HAMBURG 1 – ENG PRODUCTIONS – Field Production
  • ALSTER TV-FILM PRODUCTION – Studio and Field production

  • TV-Ontario- Director of Photography for STUDIO 2
  • PERSON TO PERSON with Paula Tod
  • ALLEN GREG Show,
  • VOX, and other shows for the French Language Channel.

Julian is currently working on projects for TLN TELELATINO I as a Director of Photography for Shows like: Soccer, Soccer Fanatics, Video Italia, TLN HOY, TLN OGY, Latin Fest, Ital Fest, Viva Domenica, and Salsa on St. Clair.


Golden camera TV-Film Production is offering video and editing services for Studios like: Best Weddings, A Touch of Class, Piper Studios, Studio 2000, Puzzle Entertainment LLC, Raphael Studios, Koltay TV-Film Productions and Studio 2000.


We are carefully selecting unique talents from the industry and match them with our customer special requirements.
We are also able to meet a variety of wedding styles in the Canadian Multicultural market with glamour and elegance created by multi-lingual people with extensive experience and expertise.


Whether you want a sophisticated event in the city, a country club affair, an historic estate wedding, or a beachfront reception, Golden Camera TV-Film Production Inc can help you achieve your dream. We offer assistance for everything you need to record your wedding day on High Definition Motion Pictures or Digital Photography. You can share you memorable event with your family and friends on High Definition DVDs, with Menus, Hollywood like Special Effects and crispy clear stereo sound.


With extensive experience and expertise at TV- broadcasting level, in different television stations over the years, we can assure your piece of mind. Your wedding day is here to love, to celebrate and enjoy.


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